Monday, February 2, 2009

Camden and his farm
Rebounding for dad...... Nice face Cam!


Scott Nelsen said...

two things-
1) Glad to see the Camden playing with green tractors and not red ones.

2) Love the dinosaurs with the farm set!

hope all is well, glad to hear your appt went well brooke!

Brooke Stevens said...

Yes I think he has 1-2 red LITTLE tractors because that is what his dad likes and of course tons of John Deere ones because of my family! He will tell his dad he doesn't like red tractors and he only likes the green boy! That maybe have been from mom telling him that!HAHA

Yeah he had to throw a few of his dinosaurs in there. After I took that picture he added more dinosaurs and added some of his jungle animals too..HA!