Sunday, October 5, 2008


What another busy weekend for us. Friday night we went to FB game in West Bend to watch the boys play....they won 49-6!! It was a cold night for football.....I guess it could of been worse.
Camden was thrilled once we got to the game because Buzz, Tab, and Cassie were there also.

Saturday we took Camden to pumkinland to pick out pumpkins. He was most excited about the scarecrow that was painted on a wall. He is learning about scarecrows and Halloween at Preschool right now. He trys to act like a scarecrow and holds his arms straight out and wants a bird to fly and sit on his arms!

Hawkeyes=Frustrating....... We watched them lose again for the 3rd week in a row. Come on Hawks!!!!

Last night my friend Lisa and her boyfriend Kevin came over for a BBQ. It was nice to get together with her because we don't get to see each other that much with our busy schedules......even though we only live 10 miles apart!!

Today is a relaxing day for us.....of course we are watching the Packers play. Thank goodness Aaron Rodgers is doing better and playing today....I was a little worried! We have to flip between the Packers game and the Phillies game.....Brad is a Phillies fan and I don't care for the them, I would rather be cheering the Twins on!

Well that is all for now.....Hope everyone had a good weekend!:)

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