Wednesday, October 15, 2008


My gosh it feels like this week is going so slow! Not a whole lot going on this week. Lately at work there has not been alot going on so I have been home by noon everyday! I love my job but I also love being home! Doesn't everybody?? If we don't have much scheduled for the week in surgery or if I don't have alot of paper/computer work to do I get to go home since I am not full time. They are saying it is slow at work because it's harvest time. Camden loves it because I get to be home with him:) Cam and I have been pretty lazy all week. There is cleaning to be done but I decided that can wait!
We are heading back to Swea this weekend with a busy schedule! Camden is hoping to be able to work with Papa in the field...hopefully it don't rain or he will be bummed. I hope it don't rain either because I want to take fall pics of Camden on the farm!! Well hope everyone's week is going good and faster then mine:)

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