Saturday, October 25, 2008


Well today was brad's first official day hunting! It was a such a nice morning for the season opener. He went with a couple of his buddies this morning only for a couple hours. He did end up shooting his first pheasant this morning! I am sure he would of liked to be out longer to see if he could get another but he had to go to work. I have enclosed a picture of the first pheasant. I believe he is going back out tomorrow morning too. Oh boy this could be an every weekend thing. Oh well he enjoys it so I hope he will be able to get out alot and hunt this season! Camden is already wanting to go out hunting with the guys. I think his papa started that by taking him out last year for a bit with him. Now with his dad starting to hunt he will be wanting to go out all the time! Dad and Brad think he will be getting his BB gun next year or by the time he is 5 and I am not so sure about that. I said when he is 10 and they say next year! Hmmmm wonder who will win that one!

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