Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend in Swea City!

Friday Camden and I headed to Swea for a busy weekend. Friday on the way home we stopped by the hospital in Spirit Lake to see my friend Missy and her new baby boy, Cael Michael! He is such a cutie:) Congrats to Shawn and Missy!

Friday night we went to the football game and the eagles came away with another win agaisnt TRV-66-24.

Saturday Camden spent the morning helping dad and the boys outside. We couldn't go out to the field because it was to wet from the rain. Camden was bummed but had alot of fun working on the farm with papa and the boys. They got the tractor out and spent alot of the morning cleaning up the garden. They dug up some carrots that were left over and Camden had to be like Ozzie and eat them right out of the garden-dirt and all! That afternoon we went to mom's and made brownies and sugar cookies using my favorite recipes from Great Grandma Esta! They were sooo good and Camden had a blast making them and making a MESS!!

Dad had planned on taking Camden up to Burt Lake to walk the trails once we got back but realized there were alot of duck hunters up there and people had tree stands set up for deer hunting! We opted not to do that since there were going to be so many hunters and didn't want to take that chance of someone not seeing us in the trails! So instead dad got the idea to walk out in the middle of the field to an area with pretty much grass and trees-it's an area that the boys actually pheasant hunt. So we hoped in the car and drove out a ways and the rest of the way we had to walk. The only way to get to that spot was to walk through rows of corn that were not down yet. Camden was a trooper and made it-it was longer than we thought! Once we got to the spot we had to walk through some pretty tall grass to get to the spot where dad wanted to show Camden. We made it and it was so peaceful out there. The boys had made a fort out there about 8-9 years ago and some of it was still standing so dad and Oz got the idea to start rebuilding it for hunting so Camden jumped right in and helped! So Camden thinks this fort is his now and is already asking to go back out there! It was a long day but we all had alot of fun. Dad made his famous ribs that night so we all pigged out on those and then it was time to relax and have some down time!

Sunday morning we got up and headed to visit with Brad's parents for awhile. Then we made the trip home. Camden was excited to get home because he hadn't seen his dad since friday! Brad went down to the Iowa/Wisconsin game for the weekend. YAY for the Hawks win!! The rest of the day we relaxed at home and watched the Packers come away with a win and the vikings and cowboys lose....ha! Brad made his famous chili that night and that was the end to our weekend......

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Aaron or Jamie said...

It sounds like you had such a fun weekend! Those pictures are so cute-he's looking like a little man!