Wednesday, October 8, 2008

First trip to the dentist......

Tomorrow is Camden's first trip to the dentist....oh boy, I do not know how this is going to go. He used to hate going to the Doctor but has gotten used to it, so I am hoping this goes good. I scheduled appointments for Brad and my yearly checkup also just to have Camden watch us and see what the dentist is actually going to do. I tried to get Cam geared up for it tonight by talking good things and showing him what the dentist would do and he wasn't so sure about it! When i scheduled the appointment they said they want to at least just look at his teeth to make sure everything looks good and may not force the cleaning part of it since he is only 3! Boy I hope he cooperates:) He can be pretty brave but I don't know if he is going to be brave with someone using instruments in his mouth! We are going shopping in Spencer afterwards so I tried to bribe him that if he was cooperative then maybe he could get something at Walmart....ha! I don't do that much but if it works for the dentist then so be it!

Wednesday's are a pretty big day for Camden when he comes home from preschool. Wednesday's he brings all his papers home from school that he has done for the week. He gets so excited to show me what he did and what he has been learning about. Camden loves to learn about new stuff and has done very well so far in school by the looks of his papers. It's crazy how fast he catches on to stuff. One day he came home and said he learned the Lords Prayer that week and I really thought he was just saying that. Well he wasn't lying he does know the Lords Prayer(minus a couple words) Heck I don't think I knew that til I was 12...haha!!! He goes to Grace Lutheran Church Preschool so they take time to learn about God. He has wonderful teachers that do an excellent job with the preschoolers.

Friday Cam and I are on another road trip to watch the boys play at Lake Park. Thank goodness it's not very far away!!! GO EAGLES!!

Saturday Brad and I are heading to Omaha to see Rascal Flatts in concert. We just found out that Taylor Swift is the opening show for Rascal Flatts so I think it will be a great concert to see....I am so excited!! Cam is staying with Grandma Connie so I am sure he will have lots of fun!!:)
Well hope everyone is having a good week!


Scott Nelsen said...

Hey Brooke-
Enjoy Rascall Flatts and Taylor Swift...More importantly enjoy the Quest in Omaha. I saw george strait there (isn't he one of brad's all-time favorites) about five years ago and it is by far the best venue i have ever seen a concert in.

Tell brad congrats on the phillies making the NLCS, but i want the dodgers to win for Joe Torre... It'd be great to see him go to the world series the year after the Yankees fire him...And even better that he would take the Dodgers to the series with Manny.

Hope all is well, good luck to the Eagles this weekend.


Brooke Stevens said...

Hey Scottie,
Yea Brad is all excited about the phillies!! We have to watch them tonight....i would rather be watching something else;) Ok really I supose I could cheer for them since there is nobody else I like in it:)

This will be our first concert at the Quest and alot of people say it's such a nice place to go to see a concert. Yes brad loves George Strait! He saw in many years ago in concert and would love to see him again! I am sure we will be seeing a great concert this weekend!
well thanks for the comment and a hope all is well with you and Lisa!