Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hospital Halloween Haunted Wellness Walk

Cam and his buddy Jacob
Camden and his babysitter LaShara

Camden and I went to the hospitals halloween haunted wellness walk last night! This is the first year we have been to it and what a wonderful idea for the hospital to do this!! They put this event on in the high school. It was tons of fun for the kids. The kids get dressed up in there costumes and you go in groups of people to go on this wellness walk. Every group has a guide and they are all dressed up in different costumes...we had the big bad wolf and little red riding hood. Every hall was fully decorated in something different and people were handing out candy to the kids. Some of the themes of the halls were a graveyard, soccer field, jungles, sheriffs office, hula dancers, skeletons, etc. Some of the halls were dark with scary things popping out. Camden got a little scared in a couple parts but had tons of fun. The end of the walk you ended up in the gym where the theme was rock-n-roll. They had high school girls dress up in poodle skirts and the guys in white t-shirts and there hair slicked back. The kids got to dance around, play with balloons, and eat cookies! I had a hard time getting Cam out of there he was having to much fun and did not want to go home!

Today we didn't do much. Brad had to work in the afternoon so Camden and I have been pretty lazy all afternoon!

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