Thursday, October 9, 2008


Well we survived the trip to the dentist today! Camden did better than I expected. At first he was so scared but the doctor was so good with him and kind of played around with him for awhile and Camden loosened up a little. He still was not going to have the doc put anything in his mouth besides his fingers to look at his teeth. The doctor showed him how everything worked and the best part was riding up and down in the chair! The doctor did not see any problems or cavities in his teeth. So that was a good sign! He said this checkup was one just to get Camden familiar with what he would be doing and get him used to it going to the dentist. So we go back in 6 months and he will try to do a cleaning then and look again at his teeth. Since Cam did good he got to pick out a prize and a new toothbrush.....boy was he excited about that! But thank goodness none of us had any problems today because I hate going to the dentist myself! After we left Cam said "I really like the dentist." What a sigh of relief that we are done with that now for awhile and that Cam did a great:)

This afternoon Camden had another appointment in Spencer to see the Orthopedic doctor. About a month ago Camden woke up one morning and all of a sudden his right leg gave out. I figured his leg was just asleep and didn't think much of it but watched it through out the day. He kind favored his right leg all day but seemed to get better by that night. The next morning he was limping on his right leg again so I decided to take him into the doctor. I was getting a little worried because congenital hip dislocation runs in Brads family. Babies usually get tested everytime they go in for a routine checkup. The test is when they lay them on there back and rotated the legs different ways to see if there is a clicking in the hips. He has never had any problems with this and usually they would catch this with the routine checkups. Anyways so I took him into the doctor and they took x-rays and the doc did notice that he was limping a little when he walked but everything looked good on the x-rays. He was figuring it was just a pulled muscle or something simple as that but recommended we see this Orthopedic doctor to make sure it wasn't the hip dislocation. A couple days after I had him to the doctor he was walking fine again and running around like normal. I am guessing it was just a pulled muscle. We still decided to go to Spencer today and check with this doctor. The doc today looked at his x-rays and did some things with his hips and had him walk and run around and the doctor said he was just fine and he did not have this hip dislocation....sigh of relief! I think Cam was glad when all of this was over today. After the appointments we did a little shopping in Spencer and got some groceries. I also bought Oz and Brett's christmas presents today! Yay 2 done off my list!

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Aaron or Jamie said...

Oh my gosh Brooke, I am totally dreading when I have to take Jenna to the dentist! Glad to hear it went well and it sounds like your dentist was awesome with Camden. Loved all the pics from the pumpking patch, by the way!