Sunday, September 21, 2008

What a busy weekend!!!

Yeah our weekend was very busy....Friday night Camden and I and some of our friends went to the South O'Brien homecoming football game. We lasted til about the 3rd quarter then it was time to go home....the game was so boring!! We were sitting in the stands and all of sudden Camden stands up and starts yelling "Go Hawks, Go Hawks." Yea he thought we were watching the Hawkeyes play! Yeah he wasn't to thrilled when I told him we were watching the Wolverines. He said to me "but they have black jerseys on mom and it's the Hawkeyes." He was so funny!!! I guess he is a true Hawks fan! Saturday we got together with a bunch of friends and watched the Hawks play....stinks that they lost! Saturday night we got together with some other friends and had a camp fire and the kids ran wild. Camden was so tired last night by the time we got home...i don't think he got up til almost 10:00 this morning. Today is just a relaxing day for us as we are getting ready for the big Packers/Cowboys game tonight! Camden knows when its Packers game day because he has to wear his packers clothes. His dad and him have been playing football all morning! GO PACK!!!!

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