Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ring of Fire

So my son is obsessed with the song Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash....thanks to his dad!! Brad for some reason bought this CD(maybe because he watched the Johnny Cash movie Walk the Line movie...i think that's what it's called.) So everytime in the car we had to listen to it! One weekend Camden and I were going back to Swea City for the weekend and I bet we had to listen to that song 20 times on the way home...boy was I sick of it. He would sing along with the song and he pretty much has the chorus memorized and would just repeat lines after Johnny Cash would sing it! It was kind of cute but got way old. So I was playing music this morning off of my Limewire and Ring of Fire is on there and we just had to listen to it. I tried to get a movie clip to put on here of him singing it but of course as soon as I tried to do that he wouldn't so I got a couple pics of him singing and playing his guitar! I think Brandi will recall listening to that song a few times on the way to spencer one day when she was down here:)

I had today off from work, didn't do much but a little cleaning. Camden made a leaf picture frame from some leaves that I picked up from that kept him entertained for awhile!!

Cam and I are heading to Swea tomorrow for the big game.........Until next time....Have a good weekend!

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