Thursday, September 18, 2008

So a few updates from the summer......

What a busy summer we have had and it is already coming to an end....yea the snow will be here before we know it! We were on the go constantly during the summer and it has finally started to slow down for us which I am glad but still not ready for this chilly weather! Our summer was filled with with many exciting things to do. We spent many days at the pool swimming, going to play at the park, and going to some aquatic parks. We also had many trips back to Swea City to watch the boys play baseball. We also loved spending time up at the lakes on the weekends but didn't get to be up there as much as we would of liked. The end of July we spent a week down in Des Moines watching the boys play in the state baseball tournament and they ended up being state champions. We also got to spend time with family and my friends Kim, Troy, and Drew. It was a fun week and Camden had tons of fun watching his uncles bring home a state championship!! The whole week after the boys won Camden would say "state champs" It was cute but don't really think he understood what that meant:) After the week down in Des Moines we headed to Wisconsin for a little vacation at my aunt,uncle,and cousins house. It was a great time being with the family. My aunt Jo, Ozzie, Brett, Jordan V, and Jordan R ended up coming up too so we all had a great time. We spent many hours laying by the lake, jet skiing, and just chatting around the fire about old times! Camden loved being up there and had alot of fun....but would not go into the lake water......yea I believe it was either Brett or Kasea that said the fish would eat him so he wanted nothing to do with the water...Thanks guys!! So instead of the lake he enjoyed the slip and slide and the hot tub! It is always a great time when you go to wisconsin!
About 3 weeks ago my sister Brandi came to visit for a couple days. Camden was so excited his Auntie Brandi was coming. We didn't do a whole lot but sat around and chatted! We went back to Swea City that friday for the Oz and Brett's football game. They came away with a win and both had a good game. Next weekend we are headed home again for the big AR/NSK football game. It should be an exciting one. AR is rated 2nd and we are 3rd(at least that is what is was a week ago).
Camden started preschool 3 weeks ago and so far he loves it. He goes 3 days a week and he would love to go everyday if he could. The days he doesn't go he always asked me why he can't go to preschool today? Yeah give it a few year and we will be dragging his butt out of bed because he won't want to go to school. So far he is doing good in school and everyday he comes home with something new he learned or is singing a new song. He has also started sunday school this year. At our church we have wild worship wednesday and that is actually sunday school for us instead of on sundays. It seems to bring more kids on wednesdays than on sundays. I also got ropped into helping teach this year! Well that is pretty much the recap of our summer. I have also enclosed some pics of our summer!:)

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