Sunday, September 28, 2008

The weekend went to fast..........

Well it's back to work tomorrow. I feel like this weekend went way to fast! We didn't do a whole lot but just relaxed. Friday we went back to Swea and spent the afternoon at Buzz's place. They were working on getting stuff ready for harvest. Camden thought that was pretty cool but said he did not want to get so dirty like Papa, Buzz and Gpa Beadle. They were covered in grease. Yea it's crazy but Camden does not like to get real dirty! He does like to play in the dirt but he was for sure not going to get as dirty as they were:)

We went to a football game down here in Primghar on Saturday morning. Jordan's little brother played down here and also my friends boy was playing. When I got to the game it was a nice suprise to see my cousin Gene and his wife Misty. There son Tyler was playing down here also. I have not seen them in probably 3 years. The rest of the weekend Cam and I just relaxed! Brad had to work overnights all weekend so he slept most of the day when he was not working. It was a crappy weekend for football in our household....Packers and Hawkeyes both got beat! Hopefully they play better next weekend! Well hope everyone has a good week!

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