Friday, September 26, 2008


Oz going in for the TD

These are just a couple pics from before the game

Well the eagles came away with a W tonight agaisn't AR!! 34-14. It was such an exciting game and if most of you know how I am I get so nervous at big games....and yes I was so nervous tonight I could hardley sit still!! I think I am going to wake up with a sore throat tomorrow with all the yelling I did!! All the boys were fired up and played a great game. Brett had a good game as did Ozzie. Ozzie came away with a couple of sweet catches in the endzone for touchdowns. I believe he had 3 touchdowns! Brett also did very well on kickoffs and defense! AR and NSK have great football programs and some pretty good talent on there teams. Overall it was a great FB game to watch! Well I am off to bed.....I prob won't be able to get to sleep because I am still wired from the game..........oh yeah fairmont sentinel has an article from the game......


Aaron or Jamie said...

We read the story online. Sounds like Oz played AMAZING! Beadle, Beadle, Beadle was pretty much the whole story! :)

Brooke Stevens said...

Yea he played an awesome game! I am just glad he was feeling better...last weekend he got really sick and they thought he might have mono so dad took him in on Monday and the mono test was negative...thank goodness because if he would of had that he would of been out the rest of the season. It ended up being something viral and by wednesday he was starting to feel better. Jordan also got really sick and they thought she had it to but she ended up having the same viral thing as Oz had! But yeah it was a great game to watch!