Sunday, November 2, 2008


Iowa vs. Iowa State
So cute!

Helping Shelly hand out candy at her house!

The weekend started off with trick or treating with Camden on Friday night! We decided this year we were going to dress up with Camden. We went pretty simple, I just wore my work scrubs and I got brad some surgeon scrubs from work so he went as a surgeon. Well I said he was a surgeon but according to Brad and Aunt Jeri he should of specialized in a different Medical specialty! I am sure you can about imagine what they are talking about!;) We had a good time going around with Cam and he got lots of candy and could of done that all night but we had to get home to company coming! Our friends Anne and Mike came up for awhile that night to help me celebrate my birthday. Kim, Troy, and Drew arrived later that night for the weekend. What a long night! I am getting really old because we did not go to bed til 2 and I thought I was going to die!! But it was fun! Saturday everyone pretty much layed around all day, watched football and drank!! Kim, Anne, and I went shopping in the afternoon while the men stayed home with the kids! Camden had a fun weekend with everyone, especially Drew! Drew is so stinkin cute and such a good little boy!! You are lucky kim! The weekend came to an end and the Sigwarth's had to head home today! Camden is already asking when they are coming back! Thanks guys for a fun weekend!
PS-I hope Troy you are reading this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Camden and I are heading to Swea tomorrow to the football game! Oz doesn't know if he will be able to play or not. I guess his ankle is worse than it was last time. I am sure if he gets the option to play or not I am guessing he will be playing! Hopefully they come away with a win!!!


Aaron or Jamie said...

I like the costumes! Could you please tell Kim that I think Drew looks just like her?

Kimberly said...

Brooke, I love this blog is so cool. I love reading about what is going on with you guys. We had such a good time coming to visit you. Wish we didn't live 3 hours away and could see each other more often. Have a good week. Glad to hear that everything went good at the drs. Talk to ya soon.

Brooke Stevens said...

Thanks kim! I know living so far away sucks!! So move closer...haha j/k!!!! You really should start a blog...even though Troy thinks it's dumb:) Seeya!