Thursday, November 6, 2008

Doctor Appointment

Today was our first official appointment with our doctor. The doc said everything was looking good! We had an ultrsound today and got to see the heartbeat and see how big the baby was...a whole 1.87 cm long! I have to continue to give myself progesterone for another 3 weeks and then I am done...thank goodness! When we got home I showed Camden the ultrasound pics and he thought it was so cool that they took pics of the baby. I think he is starting to get a little more excited about it from when the first time we told him. He was so not thrilled when we first told him he folded his arms and said "why?" Needless to say he wasn't to thrilled then, but has gotten better! He is going to go to the next ultrasound we have once I am 16 weeks along. Jeri sent me a text today and asked how many babies were in there? Yep there is just one...thank goodness! Jer also said her and Steve were on their way to Cherokee to stay with Jolleen and then off to Kansas to go hunting. Jeri didn't realize she would go through Primghar on there way so I got a phone call saying they were at ProGo and they were going to stop by! We had a nice little visit and then they were on there way to Cherokee! It was nice of them to stop by since they were going through. I kept telling them my house is usually not this messy!! It's been a busy week and haven't had time to do alot of cleaning!! Camden keeps telling me he wants them to come back to his house!
Brad and I also did some christmas shopping today while we were in Sioux City. I got Camden completely done and got a few other ones done. I have to say this year I am doing alot better with getting it done earlier instead of waiting til the last minute!

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The Hunecke's said...

I am glad to hear that everything looks good! Yay babies!