Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting Old?

I think I am getting old! Today I went to Sioux City with my good friend Anne for her doctor appointment. She is 34 weeks pregnant and we both doctor at the same office in Sioux City. I thought I would just go along with her and go to her appointment then we could go out for lunch and do some shopping since we have not been able to do alot lately with our busy schedules! We were done at the doctor by 10:00 and we shopped a little afterwards then around 12ish we decided to grap something to eat. Let me tell a couple of hours of shopping for us and we were ready to go home because one I was actually really not in the mood to shop for much and I was EXHAUSTED!!! Well it ended up after lunch we shopped for another 3 hours and then headed home. We were both so tired! So maybe it's just because we are pregnant and not because we are old. I remember my younger days of being able to shop all day for hours! Well thats not the case anymore. Maybe it was because it was cold, windy, and crappy all day! Or maybe it's just because I am getting older:( On a good note it was a fun day even though I am tired. I got some more christmas shopping done and of course shopping for myself!

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