Friday, November 7, 2008


Wow I did not expect the outcome of the FB game tonight! Got to give alot of credit to AR as they came out and played a great game and wow Ridge Christianson impressed me tonight and all season. He is by far AR's best player. He is such an all around player! No excuses for NSK but we did not play like we have played all year and our offense and defense was horrible! I figured a close game but the score should not of been that bad! Congrats to the NSK eagles on a great season they had, only losing one game is something to be proud about and they had many accomplishments this season! I am also very, very proud of my brothers this season. They did very well and watch out they will be back next year!:)
Gosh did I also mention it was FREEZING tonight. We have had such decent weather for the whole season! It was snowing, sleeting, and very windy and VERY COLD!!! I hate this weather! I am ready for spring/summer to be here already but I have a ways to go!

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