Saturday, November 22, 2008

Go Hawks!

Hawks are pretty much kicking some a** agaisnt Minnesota! The game is still not over but pretty sure the Hawks are going to win this one! The Floyd of Rosedale trophy will stay in Iowa City this year! I am hoping to get to see cousin Tony get in on some plays as QB! Dad was saying it was senior night and we are all hoping to see him get a chance to get in.
We started getting christmas stuff down and put out. Wow I did not realize how much stuff I have to put out. It took me awhile to put all the decorations out and that is not including putting the tree up and decorating it! The tree will wait til tomorrow! We are not doing much this weekend....Brad has to work all weekend so Cam and I are just hanging out at home. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


Aaron or Jamie said...

Did you see Tony got in for one series in the fourth quarter? The very next series they put a freshmen in. Real nice on senior night!!

Brooke Stevens said...

Yep I did....right after I wrote the post I saw he got in! Yea a freshman....dumb!!!!