Monday, November 17, 2008

Fun weekend in Swea City...

Riding with Papa while hunting.....They were waiting for Brad, Oz, and Brett to get back from walking Gpa Beadle's field.
The gross part of getting a pheasant was cleaning them.....they smelled SOOOO bad!

Camden, Brad, Brett, Ozzie, Shooter, and Rusty

Again minus Camden

This weekend was a fun, busy weekend. Friday we headed out and got to my dad's around noon. The boy's, dad, and Brad went hunting right away. Dad of course asked Cam if he wanted to go so he rode along with dad in the truck while the boys and Brad hunted. They got out and were able to walk a little but not to much, they pretty much just watched from the truck. I of course just layed around at dads and took a nap. Later on I met the guys at Gma and Gpa Beadle's. They had a pretty good afternoon shooting 6 pheasants. Later that night we went to Paul and Connie's and had supper with them and visited. We were all pretty tired that night so we headed to bed somewhat early. Saturday morning we got up and to my suprise Brett had made bacon and eggs...and yep it was really good, I didn't know he could cook! So after breakfast the guys headed out to do some more hunting and Camden had to stay with me since Dad was going to hunt and walk with the boys and Brad. Yeah he was not happy about that! Later morning Camden and I headed to Beadle's to meet the guys for dinner and as of noon that day they had not even fired a shot at anything. The only thing they saw were a couple of hens. Camden and I decided to go out in the afternoon with them and the luck they were having that morning did not change. They did not see anything in the afternoon. So Saturday they ended up with no pheasants. Dad said there is still so much corn in the field that the pheasants are in the corn. I talked Oz, Brett, and Brad into going to Fairmont late afternoon to do some shopping. I ended up getting some more christmas presents bought. I am hoping to be near done by the first of December. I am doing alot better than last year. Later Saturday night Buzz, Tab, and Cassie came to dad's and it was so fun. It was like old times sitting around the table talking. We were missing Brandi though but Ozzie made sure to tell her we were missing her:)
Sunday morning the boys and Brad were up by 6 and went to Eagle Lake duck hunting with Buzz. What a better way to end the weekend......Sunday dinner at Gma and Gpa Beadle's. I was spoiled this weekend and got Gma's dinner twice this weekend and Sunday she made my favorite mashed potatoes and gravy...YUM!!!! It's crazy how it's almost Thanksgiving. I am not sure what we are doing for Thanksgiving. Brad has to work and the Friday after we are heading to Green Bay for 4 days so I am not sure if Cam and I will go home or not. Well hope everyone has a good week!

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Aaron or Jamie said...

Jealous! I cant think of a better way to end the weekend than Grandma Beadle's mashed potatoes. Yummy!