Saturday, November 8, 2008

I just want to play outside....

Well we woke up Friday morning to snow on the ground! All I could think of is I am so not ready for this weather! I had to go into work friday morning so I had to wake Camden up at 7:30 and he walked into the living room and saw the snow outside and he got SO excited! He didn't want breakfast or go to daycare, he just wanted to go outside and play in the snow! I told him it was way to early but he was determined he was going outside. I was finishing getting ready and he put his shoes and coat on and told me he was going outside to play and he was still in his pajamas! Last year he wasn't this excited about the snow, but this year I have a feeling he is going to want to go out all the time. I promised him last night that when we woke up this morning we would go outside. Well he didn't forget it, that was the first thing he asked me! I was hoping we could wait til this afternoon hoping it would warm up a bit but he wasn't going to wait. It was so cold out at 10:00 this morning but he had fun sledding, eating icicles and throwing snowballs at mom:)
Tomorrow Camden is singing in church with his preschool and afterwards the preschool is having a chili funraiser. It will be a perfect day for chili! Well hope you all are staying warm and having a good weekend!

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