Sunday, April 26, 2009


My dad's chocolate lab Rusty has been missing for about 6 weeks now. I didn't realize this until we were at my dad's yesterday. I thought it was weird when we first pulled up to my dad's and Rusty is usually the first dog that meets us at our door! Dad said one day he just didn't come home and has been missing since:( Dad usually would let Shooter and Rusty off the chains during the day if he was at home otherwise if he was gone one had to be put on the chain. At night he had to have one on the chain also. This dog was a smart dog but didn't have any training at a younger age. My dad put many hours and alot of his time into training this dog. He loves his dogs and was always worried about getting them taken care of if he was gone! This dog has become a very smart and great hunting dog. Dad thinks someone shot him or took him. He also thinks that coyotes could of got him too. Rusty would go crazy at night when he would hear the coyotes so it is possible that he went after some and they attacked him. Who knows though! Dad said he has put many miles on looking for him and pretty much has given up. I guess you don't realize how close sometimes you get to a dog until they are gone:(
I came home and was telling Brad about what happened and our friend Matt I guess knows someone that has a purebred black lab that someone is trying to get rid of. This lab's parents are hunting dogs and we think it would be great for my dad to be able to train another lab because he is pretty good at it. I called dad last night and told him I got him another lab and he said he would let me know today if he wanted it! I really hope he says yes!!:)

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