Saturday, April 18, 2009

Measles In Spencer

I am sure most of you have heard about some kid having measles in Spencer last Saturday and Sunday. I of course am freaking out because we met the Stac, Cassie, and the boys over there last Saturday. I looked up online where this kid had been and the times she had been there to see if we were at any of the places at the same time. The only place was Walmart and we were there that morning and she was there later that night! This kid had been all over at an easter egg hunt, churches, nursing home, etc. Yikes that is alot of exposure to other people! I think we are fine but it's just the thought if it and Camden has been sick all week! There is 2 doses of the MMR vaccination and you have one at 15 months and another with your kindergarten shots. I called up Camden's nurse and she said he should be alright considering he had his first shot and his second one is not required until his school starts but she said we could go up this next week and get the second dose. I guess though there is a 6 day exposure time so if he got exposed last Saturday the shot will not help him. We are going to go next week anyway and get it taken care of and not wait until school shots!

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