Thursday, April 9, 2009


Yesterday we started the project of painting the nursery for the baby. I am so annoyed because my house is torn apart and there is stuff everywhere. We had to move everything out of that room to paint and it's all in my living room...ANNOYING! I can't stand a cluttered mess!! Brad painted the ceiling yesterday and painted the closet today. So since he had to paint the closet, ALL of his cop/work stuff is now in our bedroom.....ANNOYING! I am thinking where are we going to put all this stuff once the baby gets here. We have been going through stuff for junk day in Primghar in May, boy are we throwing alot of stuff that we do not need! I can't wait til we add on to this house or sell it in a few years and buy bigger. We for sure need a little more room. I love my house so I would just like to add on but we will have to see.
Yesterday we went to Spencer to pick up the carpet and Brad's dad is coming down this weekend to install it. After the carpet is in we will finish painting the walls. I know we are doing it backwards and we should paint before carpet but we obviously do not want anyone to know the sex of the baby and if we paint the walls the colors we picked out they will obviously know the sex of the baby. So it's either going to be blue walls or purple will have to wait and see!
We have not done alot of work to our house since we bought it but we want to slowly start doing room by room every so often. Our next project is Camden's room and that will for sure be after baby is born. I don't see how people can stand redoing a majority of there house at one time.....what a mess!!!
This weekend sounds like it is going to be pretty busy for us. Saturday Camden and I are going to meet the boys and Stac in Spencer to go out for brunch and do some shopping. That afternoon Camden is going to go visit the Easter Bunny and do an Easter egg hunt. Sunday Brad's parents will be down here laying the carpet. Since we are so busy this weekend it will fly by! Hope you all have a good weekend!:)

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