Sunday, April 26, 2009

Busy, Busy

I feel lately that we have been going nonstop around here! Last week it was so nice out so we were outside as much as possible and of course this weekend has been so cold and stormy!
Friday night we went to our friend's house to play some sand volleyball in there backyard. It was a nice during the day on Friday but quickly turned cold that night when we played volleyball. I guess I didn't play and it sucked just having to watch. Last summer we started going over there and playing quite a bit and this year they decided to put sand down. I am bummed that I probably won't get to play all summer considering I will have to have a c-section and it is an eight week recovery...ugghhh!!
Saturday Camden and I decided to head back home to visit some family. We just went home for the day but it was nice to stop and visit both sets of grandparents and my parents! Camden always enjoys going home and visiting even though it can get long going here and there. He enjoyed going to Burt Lake with Oz and Brett and seeing the carp at the dam and then trying to skip rocks like the boy's did! It was cold and windy though so didn't stay to long. We hadn't seen some of our family for awhile so Camden got a few more late birthday presents and Easter baskets so he has been having fun today going through them. Brad has been busy at work so he didn't get a chance to go back home with us yesterday. Brad loves this weekend because it's draft weekend. I love football but really don't enjoy watching the draft so much. I can only watch so much of it. Speaking of football Brad just recently decided to go in with one of his buddies for Hawkeye season tickets. His buddy has 2 tickets and was trying to get someone to go in and buy the 2nd one with him so Brad decided to. Since Brad works every other weekend he thinks he will probably only will be able to go to 4 games since he is not going to take every weekend off. His buddy will just sell whatever remaining tickets Brad does not go to or have his wife go. I am excited he is doing this because I haven't been down there for a couple years and I am sure I might go down and go tailgating with everyone!!:)

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