Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Friday night Camden and I traveled to Ruthven to watch the boys play football. They both played very well and won the game 54-3. I love watching them play sports and I only have the rest of this year watching Oz and 2 more years of watching Brett. :( It's hard to believe they will soon be graduating!!
After the game dad and Oz came to our house to spend the night so they could get up bright and early to travel to Omaha so Oz could attend a Creighton baseball recruitment camp! Brad went along with them and they were out the door by 5AM Saturday morning. It sounded like it was a pretty intense camp and Oz said he learned a few things. They had about 80 baseball players attend the camp and 7 of them were from Iowa. It was a great opportunity for Oz to be invited to this camp and I am glad he was able to attend.
The kids and I did nothing all weekend. We lounged around and watched movies! It was kind of nice to do not a thing!!!

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