Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Maeci is still battling this cold and can't seem to get over it. We took her to our family doctor here in town yesterday and he said she is still pretty congested so we will be trying out a stronger antibiotic. If she is not better by next week he is recommending we take her to her Peds doc in Sioux City to have them check it out. Reflux babies tend to get chronic colds there first year of life and I have a feeling that is what we are dealing with. Doc said when they reflux it can go up into there sinuses and even into there lungs causing upper respiratory problems. And since her reflux doesn't come up it just goes back down that could be the problem. I remember Camden's first year he was sick all the time with colds. I guess most babies are since there immune system is not built up yet. This cold could just be the normal cold and she has a harder time getting over it. I think to it's because she just started daycare and about the time she started she got a cold.(Imagine that) I have heard alot of daycare moms complain that there child is sick right now with a cold so I know it's going around daycare! I am just hoping she gets over this fast!!!

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