Monday, September 7, 2009


Family Picture...We have not had a family picture since Maeci has been born.(I guess we have but it's one of me in the hospital after I had her and I looked doped up) Camden needed to make a train car with a family picture in it for his first day of preschool tomorrow. He is so excited to tell about his family!!
So sweet! Give it a couple years and they will be fighting!!

Camden and Trevor playing at Sutherland park

Bounce House

Camden and Mikayla waiting for the parade to start...nice smile Cam!

This weekend was just the kids and I home. Brad left for the Iowa game Friday afternoon with Michael and Bubba in the RV. Sounds like they had a good time and the Hawks came with a win...ok barely but it was a W! The kids and I didn't do much but lounge around the house and I got caught up on all my house cleaning. Maeci is still battling this nasty cold and is having a hard time getting over it. I think if it's not better in a couple days we will be taking her back to the doctor. Just as she was sleeping 8+ straight hours at night she gets sick and wants to be up every 3-4 hours now. I can't blame her though when she is not feeling good. Of course she has been at daycare for a month and she has already came down with something. Sounds like alot of kids at daycare have had colds/flu in the past couple weeks. This weather sure doesn't help either!! Hopefully she can get over it and get back to herself. Even being sick she still has lots of smiles for us!! :)
Today I took Camden down to the Sutherland Labor Day celebration. We enjoyed the parade and playing in the park with some of our friends and there kids. We are all pretty tired after the weekend and now it's back to the work week...oh joy! Hope everyone has a good week!


Aaron or Jamie said...

I love the pic of Camden and Maeci! So sweet! Yeah, you just wait...our kids have just started the fighting thing.

Brooke Stevens said...

Oh what I get to look forward too!!