Monday, October 5, 2009


Why do the weekends go so fast? It's already Monday..ugghhh!!!
Brad had a 4 day weekend so that was so nice that he was home with us!! Friday we had Maeci's peds appointment in Sioux City and she ended up having ear infection and they put her on some allergy medicine to see if that would help with her constant stuffy nose. After the appointment we went and did some shopping. Camden has outgrown most of his winter clothes from last year so I needed to get him some new ones! Also I didn't have much winter attire for Maeci so she as well needed some new clothes. After shopping and eating supper we headed home and by the time we got home, unloaded, we all were so tired and went to bed!!
Saturday we went to Mike and Anne's house to watch the Iowa game! GO HAWKS!! They came away with another win!! We spent most of the day there watching football and just hanging out.
Sunday we cleaned the house, got groceries, and watched some more football!
Tonight is the BIG game!! Packers and Vikings! I can't wait to watch the game!! Brad made some of his famous chili for the game so it's going to be a great night watching football!!! GO PACK!!!! Oh yeah I need to throw in a GO TWINS!!!!:) Have a good week!

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