Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Doc appointment

Maeci had her week check-up yesterday. Everything went well and doc said everything looked fine. She came home from the hospital weighing 9 lbs 9 ozs and yesterday she weighed 10lb 8ozs. I was happy to see she gained weight instead of losing it. Doctor said she is a very content baby because she just layed on the table and slept for the most part during her check-up. So we were happy to hear that everything looked good. I was just saying yesterday how good she was and her sleeping was good during the night. Well last night she decided to she wanted to be up for 3 hours during the night and she is fussy today. Boy I sure hope it was just last night and today because I am already used to her being such a good baby and can't imagine her starting to be fussy all the time. She gets so gassy and gets tummy aches easily so I think that has been some of her problem today.I guess everyday won't be the same with her. We also have been trying to keep her awake today and that is not easy!! Anyways that's about all that is going on right now.....Oh yeah my sister is coming here tomorrow from Chicago. We are excited to see her! Camden does not know she is coming and he is going to be so excited to see her!!


mandy said...

You should try some gas drops for her gassy tummy. We had to use them for our youngest all the time and they worked wonders! Walmart sells a generic version...simethicon drops I think.

Brooke Stevens said...

We just started using those and they seem to work for the most part. Since I am doing breastmilk and formula she is starting to have some pooping issues and won't go.....camden was the same way as a baby..gassy and pooping issues!

mandy said...

Our yougest had pooping issues also. It didn't get better until he was about 2! Glad the gas drops are helping!