Sunday, June 7, 2009

Daddy went home :(

Brad just left a little while ago to go home for the night to pick up Camden. Camden was pretty excited because daddy and him were going to the movie today in Spencer and were going to go buy some toys for Maeci! He had a hard time leaving but we thought it was a good idea for him to spend some time with Camden before we get to come home tomorrow. I hated to see him leave too because it's alot easier with him here to help me since I am having some pain still, I guess I will just rely on the nurses...which I hate asking for help all the time!
Maeci is doing pretty good. Dr.Caldwell, the peds doc, came and checked her out this morning. She is a little concerned because yesterday she was down to 10lbs and today she was down to 9lbs 9ozs. All baby's usually lose some weight but she has almost lost a lb. So we are going to see what she weighs tomorrow before we go home and we may have to take her to the clinic back home and get her weighed for a couple days to make sure she is starting to gain and not continuing to lose the weight! She seems to be eating good though so we will just have to watch her. She is a pretty good baby so far, obviously likes to sleep alot. Her dad and her love to nap in the hospital chair already. Her color is really good and everything else seems to be going pretty good. This is something new I have never heard before but on her eyelids and right between her eyes she has a couple "stork bites" I have seen them on lots of baby's before just never hear of them called that until the nurse told me yesterday. I guess they are a type of birthmark and something with the stretching of blood vessels in the area where they are located. They are flat and not raised. I guess it's common in baby's and most commonly go away completely or at least fade by the time they are 18 months old. It's nothing serious at all but I guess I just learned something new yesterday! Well she is ready to eat so I better get going! YAY we hopefully still get to go home tomorrow!

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