Monday, October 18, 2010

In church yesterday morning I was looking through the bulletin and saw we were going to sing 2 verses of "Amazing Grace". Yes I love this song but I usually never can hold it together when singing it. It makes me think of all the special people I have lost in my life. Just last week was 6 years since my Gma Esta passed away. She was one special Gma to me and I miss her so much! The days of playing there after school, the mini pizza's, the dixie cups, twiddling her thumbs, and her love for her grandkids were just a few of the things I miss about her! Everytime I would walk in the door she would say "Well hi brooke!" I miss those words! I miss her!
Also I have been thinking alot lately about my Gma Beadle who passed away this past January. I miss her terribly! It still hasn't fully sunk in that she has gone to heaven and is not with us anymore. Everytime I would go visit she would always greet me "well hello Brookie!" I miss hearing that everytime I walk in her house now. She was so special to me and I felt very close to her. I miss her love for her family, great cooking, and family get-togethers with her. Oh yes I definately miss that look she would give whoever was giving her a hard time while she was cookingor in the was the look of "you smart ass!" I can picture that look right now and I love it! :) I could go on and on about her and the things I love! I just heard the only day from the boys that farming season reminds them alot of Gma. They said they miss the little red car pulling up with dinner! Of course Gma would always bring the best meals to the field too!
These two hold a special place in my heart and all of the other loved ones I have lost!
So back to church yesterday......
We start singing "Amazing Grace" and I got about 5 seconds into it and starting crying! Pretty sure the lady next to me thought I was crazy!

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Aaron or Jamie said...

First of all, you had me crying! Your Grandma Esta was great and of course, I just loved Grandma Beadle. I can hear her calling you "Brookie". :)
"Old Rugged Cross" makes me cry now everytime I hear it. Thanks for the great post!