Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Every night we go through Camden's folder, go over his papers and talk about what he learned that day. After getting his homework and reading done we get everything back in his folder/bag for the next day. Every night before he goes to bed we tell him where and who will be dropping/picking him up from school the next day. We have to write a note to Mrs.Menke telling her that Cam will be riding the daycare bus after school. Brad was dropping off Cam this morning at school but he would have to go to daycare this afternoon. I was gone this morning before everyone got up and it totally slipped my mind to write the note for Camden today.(usually I do that at night) I called Brad to see how the morning went and he told me that Camden asked him if mom remembered to write the note for him to ride the daycare bus after school. Oops I totally forgot all about it. It's crazy though that he remembered a little thing like that and Brad and him were not even talking about it.... those little things to me are big things to him! It's not like he would be left alone at school because daycare knows the monthly schedule. I am sure Camden will let me know that I forgot this moring to write the note! Thank goodness Brad was home to take care of it! Oh well it happens! It's just crazy that he remembered that!

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Aaron or Jamie said...

Kids are amazing, aren't they?! :) Smart kid you have there!