Monday, August 31, 2009


Today we had Maeci's doctor appointment in Des Moines with the specialist. Everything went very well. We were very happy with the doctor and he checked her over very well. He said that she is having reflux which 90 percent of babies have at some point. She is just having it a little worse and it's not coming up which is causing her to have heartburn. He explained to us that there is 3 categories for reflux babies that need to me on medicine or have treatment. She fell into one of the categories and we decided to continue the medicine at a higher dose. We will give this a couple weeks and see if it helps and if it doesn't we will continue with this doctor and talk about what to do next. If he does work we will just have to go back for a re-check in 4 months. He said many babies go through this and they usually grow out of reflux by the age of 12 months. Camden had reflux but he spit up everything and he grew out of it by his first birthday. We are so thankful nothing else was going on with her and it's just this. It was a long day and ride down but we are glad we did it!

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