Sunday, August 16, 2009

Boring weekend!

We did absolutley nothing all weekend. I don't think we even left the house. That is unusual for us because we always seem to have something going on. It's probably a good thing because this next week is going to be a busy week. Brad and Camden are headed to Green Bay on Friday for a long weekend to go to a Packers game. Starting this weekend Brad will be gone almost every other weekend to the Iowa games and Packers game. So that means the next 2 months are going to fly by with being so busy and him being gone!
Maeci and I are going back to Swea to visit family, help Grandpa Pulver celebrate his birthday, and take Oz and Brett school shopping. It should be a fun weekend! Hopefully she is good!
She has been actually doing pretty good and the past couple weeks her fussiness at night has seemed to improve alot. She is also sleeping better. She goes to bed between 9 and 10, sleeps until 3 or 4, goes back to bed until 7 or so. Usually after her 7:00 feeding she usually is up just a short time and will go back to sleep for a couple hours. She always takes good naps during the day too. I don't mind the one feeding a night we usually have. Now last night that is NOT what she did. She seemed to be fussy on and off after supper and she did not go to bed until almost midnight and she was up twice and each time she thought she should stay up for about an hour after her feeding and smile and talk! I loved the smile and talking but didn't like the no sleep!! I really hope it was just last night and we are not back to the fussiness at night and getting up more at night! So hopefully tonight goes better. In 2 weeks will be heading to see the GI specialist with her. She is still having problems drinking her bottles. One day it seems better and the next we are back to the same thing. We have tried everything with her and I mean literally everything! I hope we can figure this out once we see this doctor! I have a feeling he is going to increase her reflux medicine to a higher dose to see if that helps.
Camden is going to be starting school up again after Labor Day. He is very excited and ready to start again.We are going to be going school shopping sometime and he is excited to pick his stuff out. It's hard to believe he is starting his 2nd year of preschool. I am excited to see how much he learns and improves from last year in school. The kid amazes with me with all the stuff he knows and has learned. He is a smart little boy and he doesn't forget a thing!
Well that's about all that is going on around the Stevens' household! Hope you all have a good week!:)

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