Monday, August 24, 2009


It was Maeci and mommy weekend and Camden and daddy weekend! Brad and Camden headed out early Friday morning for Green Bay to attend a pre-season game. It was a long weekend for both of them but sounded like they had a good time. It was about 7 hour drive time with a little extra for stopping to stretch and for lunch. Camden did very well in the car watching movies, reading books, and playing with all the toys he took along. Camden said "Mom it was 6 miles to Green Bay from our house!" Yeah we could only wish it was that short of a distance!!:)Friday night Brad treated Camden to one of Camden's favorite places to eat, Chuck E Cheese. Saturday they did some shopping and walked around Lambeau and then that night headed to the game. Camden said "Mom the Bills beat the Packers really bad!" HAHA! Actually Green Bay won the game. Brad said he enjoyed the game but after about 1/2 hour he was ready to go do something else. I guess I can't blame him, he is only 4. They stayed for most of the game and both headed to bed to get ready for the long drive home. Overall they had a goodtime!!
Maeci and I spent the weekend back in Swea. We did alot of visiting with all of our family. Saturday we helped Brad's gpa celebrate his 95th birthday with alot of his family. Later that day Tab, Cassie, Brett, Oz, Stac, Maeci and I went to Mankato shopping to do some school shopping with the boys and I guess we all did shopping for ourselves too!! We found some good deals and I got a few winter clothes for the kids. We were all exhausted by the time we got home that night. It was a great weekend to spend with our family!!:)

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