Monday, May 18, 2009


Our weekend seemed to be pretty busy and went by pretty fast. Friday night we headed to Laurens for Ozzie's district track meet. It was freezing and rainy throughout the whole night. I hate it that it is on Friday nights now instead of Saturdays. The track meet started at 4:00 and we assumed Oz would be doing the long jump and we got there a little before 4:00 and they decided to not have Oz do the long jump due to his knee hurting him. He was running in the
4x100 and 4x200, one of his races was right in the middle and one was the very last race! So we got to sit for awhile until he was running and on top of that after all field events there is a mandatory 45 minute break! So he did not end up running the 4x200 until about got to be SOOO long! The 4x200 started off great and we were in first place at the beginning until the baton was dropped during an exchange....whew, Oz didn't have anything to with the dropped baton. So we got to see Oz run even though they were disqualified. We ended up not staying until the last race because it already was getting to be a long night! Well now it's on to baseball.....YES I can't wait! Baseball by far is my favorite sport to watch them play! I have alot of the summer off so I am hoping to make it to alot of games, pending my recovery from having the baby!
Saturday morning Brad ran uptown to get some things he needed and ended up coming home with the rug doctor. We wanted to have someone come and do it for us but the guy who usually does it is so busy this time of year it probably would of been another month before he got here. So Brad cleaned the carpets himself and it actually did a pretty good job! So that is just another thing to cross off of my to do list! Saturday night we had to go to a retirement party for one of Brad's co-workers and Camden stayed home with Ashley. It was a fun night but I was so tired by the time we got home. Sunday we pretty much just relaxed the whole day. It was so dreary, cold, and windy so we didn't feel like doing much. Today is beautiful outside and sounds like the rest of the week is supose to be pretty nice too!

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