Thursday, May 7, 2009

Preschool Concert

Doing actions to a song
Dad and Cam before the concert

Introducing himself

"Why do I have to take my picture again, let's just go to the concert!"

Last night we had Camden's Spring concert. It's hard to believe he is done with his first year of Preschool next Wednesday! It was such a cute concert last night with all the songs they sang! He officially got his award that he passed 3 year old preschool so it's onto 4 year old preschool next fall:) He had a good year, learned alot, and I could see improvement throughout the year on certain skills.He loved bringing home his weekly papers to show me what he had learned or what they were studying about that week.I told him that preschool is over next week for the summer and he wasn't to happy about that! He loves to learn and I am sure this summer I will still see him at his desk at home writing his letters, numbers, or doing his homework as he calls it!

Clip of a song

This video is sideways for awhile, then I realized it and flipped my camera in the middle of it. I don't know how to rotate it the right way after I download them!HA! I just need to remember to tape the right way!

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