Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby Appointment

Well today was our 38 week checkup and doc said everything is great so we DON'T have to go back for a checkup early next week...just c-section on Friday..YAY!! My blood pressure was good and I am swelling still but last appointment I didn't gain any weight and this apointment I gained just 1 pound so doc is not so concerned about the swelling. I measured today at almost 39 weeks so nurse said I am now a little ahead but it's obviously because this baby is going to be a BIG baby! I am measuring a little early but we are still going with June 5th as the big day and not any sooner unless I go into labor! Doc had us do a stress test today and baby was not under any stress and heartbeat was great! Well that's all I have to report today!

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