Monday, February 7, 2011

The Lombardi trophy is coming home!!


Wow, what a game last night!! We have a very happy house right now! I was SOOOOO nervous in the 2nd half when the Steelers were making a run and came within 3 points....pretty sure I couldn't quit shaking! I guess I would rather have a close/exciting game then a blowout game. Ok maybe a blowout(Packers being on top:) ) wouldn't have been so bad for my!!

I am already excited for next season! I think my husband is hoping he gets his season tickets this year...oh wait I should say my season ticket since it's in MY name!! We are on the list for one season ticket and also for 2 season tickets. His name is on for the 2 tickets and we might not get those til we are 60 yrs old.(the list is very long) As for the one season ticket we should either get that this year or next.(Although it may be longer now that they have won the super bowl...who would want to give up their tickets after just winning the super bowl!?! I sure wouldn't!) We actually got offered it this past season but turned it down because they were only offering the package for half the games and we wanted the full season! We will have to wait and see! GO PACK GO!!!!

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The Hunecke Family said...

WOO HOO! Great way to cap off a great season!