Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Thanksgiving-Brad had to work so we headed to Cherokee to visit Jolleen. We were lucky that we also got to visit with Jamie, Aaron, & kids and also got to see Justin, Mandy, & Maddox! It had been awhile so it was nice to see them again!
Weekend-The weekend seemed like a busy one for us. Friday night we got together at the Bahrenfuss's with some of our friends. The kids ran wild! It was a fun night! Saturday morning Brad went to get our new fridge since our old died on us. Once he got it home and in the house he realized it wouldn't fit under our cupboards. When we went down to Sears to order it they had a smaller one and then a bigger one. We ordered the smaller one because it would fit to the dimensions we needed and the bigger one was obviously to big. Well the Sears guy messed up and ordered the bigger one....GRRRRR!!!! I did not want to haul it back to Sioux City and return it because it seemed like a pain in the butt! On top of that if we wanted to reorder the smaller one it would take another week to get here. Absolutely not!!! I was not going another week without a fridge!! So we ended up knocking out the two cupboards and in that process the nails and screws left some major holes in our wall and our wall started to crumble. We were trying to be very careful but if you would of seen the space we were working with we had no other options. All of our walls in our house are terrible! So after all of this the fridge is now in and I will get a newly painted kitchen. Saturday night we ran to Spencer to get some groceries since I obviously didn't have much with not having a fridge. I had a long day and didn't feel like cooking once we got home so we decided to eat out over in Spencer too. The kids were SO good the whole day so that was nice!!!
Sunday afternoon we spent the day cleaning the house and getting all of our Christmas decorations out! I always enjoy getting the decorations out and now it's fun to watch Camden get excited when he is helping!:)
Hope everyone is having a good week!

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