Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's been awhile.....

I seemed to be lacking on my updates lately but this time of year seems like it has been so crazy for us and it's only going to get worse with Christmas just over a week away!
Anways here's what has been going on in the Stevens' household....
Camden- Seems to be a busy little boy lately! A couple weeks ago he had to have surgery for tubes again. We are hoping this is going to be the last set of tubes and once again we are hoping he is going to outgrow this. We thought he was outgrowing this because he went without tubes for about 7 months with no problems and then it hit again. Brad and I both had ear trouble when we were young so we figured our kids would have problems. He was a trooper the day of surgery. This time he seemed to know what was kind of going on. He was trying to act so brave but you could tell he was scared. I guess if I was 4 I would be scared too. We got to walk with him up until the OR hallway and then he was own his own with the nurse. He started tearing up but did very well. I can't imagine going with people you don't know into a scary room (OR) with big machines and a little bed. Surgery took only 7 minutes and doc said everything went well. He was having trouble once he got back to the room with throwing up, probably from mucus in his throat and the anesthesia. We ended up having to give him a suppository for nausea and after that he only threw up a few more times and then he was good to go! And no he was not happy with the suppository, he fought it and I hated having to hold him down! When he got back to the room the first thing he asked is "When am I going to get my tubes in my ears?" He didn't even know they were already done. The one thing he remembers is the smell from the mask he had to wear to go to sleep. Well he was referring to the gas they used to put him out. After we got discharged and got home you couldn't even tell he was any different from any other day. Thank goodness with getting tubes there is really no recovery time after surgery, just eardrops we had to put in for 10 days!
Last Sunday he had his church program and did very well. He is always excited to have us come and watch him during his programs. Tomorrow night he has his preschool program and is very excited for that. I keep asking him what he is going to be singing and he just keeps telling me that I will have to wait and see:)
Maeci-Wow, can you believe that she was 6months old on December 5th? I don't know where the past 6months have went! She is a busy little girl! She is rolling all over the place and getting stuck in places and gets ticked off when she can't keep rolling over. I had to put things away already that is she is able to get. I am not ready for her to start crawling or walking! She is a very happy girl and a very good baby! She always has plenty of smiles for you. She loves her big brother and somedays it's so funny to watch him make her giggle:) I just had her in for her 6 month checkup and she weighed 20 lbs and was 27 inches. (I can't remember the other stats) She is still a little chunk but really is starting to thin out as she seems more active.
Brad and I have been busy with work and going here and there! We are trying to get ready for Christmas, it seems like it snuck up on us very fast this year. Usually I am done Christmas shopping by now but I still have a few things to get. We celebrated Christmas with Brad's extended family last weekend and then we will be celebrating all the others Christmas day/weekend. It's going to be a very busy Christmas weekend going here and there! I love Christmas but some years it gets to crazy!!! Hope everyone has a good Christmas!

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