Monday, June 14, 2010


This past weekend we headed back to Swea to celebrate Maeci's birthday. We had a great weekend with our family! Friday late morning we got to my dad's and spent the afternoon there playing outside. Camden got a chance to get his BB gun out and learn a few pointers from Papa. My dad being a hunter just loved watching Cam shoot his gun:) Maeci just played around and enjoyed watching Brad mow my dad's yard. I think it was a bad idea that Brad mowed because now he wants a mower like they! I am thinking that huge thing would mow our small yard in about 10 minutes or less...don't think it's necessary for our yard! Late afternoon we left dad's and went out to eat with Buzz, Tab, and Cass. After supper we headed back to Buzz and Tab's and relaxed while the kids played.
Saturday we woke up to pouring down rain. I was bummed because Maeci's party was at the park. By the time the party that afternoon the rain had stopped and it was pretty wet but the party still turned out great and the kids had fun playing! After cupcakes, ice cream, and opening presents we went back to Buzz and Tab's to relax. We were all pretty lazy and decided we didn't want to cook so we went out to eat uptown that night. Brad's parents ended up being there along with Stac and Mike so we sat around uptown and visited with them and then Buzz brought up the idea of a bonfire! Oh boy the kids were so excited. I put Maeci down to bed once we got home and we all sat outside and enjoyed the fire for awhile. The kids did some sparklers and roasted marshmellows. Buzz also had some left over fire works from last year that he lit off and entertained the kids for awhile!
Sunday we packed everything up and made a stop at Brad's parents and then headed home. It was nice to get home but we had a great weekend back home too!

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