Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Wow my baby girl turned 1 this past Saturday! Time goes way to fast! Her birthday started off with daddy making two of her favorites for breakfast, pancakes and sausage! After breakfast we packed up and headed to Spencer to watch my brothers play baseball. After a great day of watching baseball and seeing some family we headed back home and had cupcakes and opened the rest of her presents! Her big party is this coming Saturday back in Swea at the park! I am so excited for it!
I had her in to the doc yesterday for her one year checkup and things seem to be going good! He was suprised to see how active she is and how well she gets around!(yes she has been walking all over the place) She seems to be really fussy the last 2 weeks and we think it may be her molars coming in as they look pretty swollen but who knows. She has been having some tummy problems the past 2 weeks since she has been on whole milk along with lots of gas. We are going to continue the next 2-3 weeks on whole milk and see if it gets any better. If it doesn't we may be switching back to a lactose free whole milk( her formula was lactose free) and see how that goes. Doc thought if she was lactose intorlerant she would be spitting up and having constant diarrhea( which she doesn't have) I am thinking it's just going to take awhile to get used to the new milk and she has a sensitive tummy to begin with. I am ready for her to stop being so darn fussy though!! Thank goodness the constant fever, runny nose, stuffy nose, etc has slowed down for her though. I know she is going to get it here and there but the past 2-3 months she has not had it as often as she did when she was little!
At her checkup she weighed in at 25lbs and was 32" She is just a little chunk (she eats anything you put in front of her) but doc said she started off big and there was absolutley nothing to worry about. I looked at Camden's stats when he was 12 months and he weighed 23 1/2 lbs and I think was the same in height as Maeci. He would of weighed the same as Maec does if he wouldn't of lost 2lbs at 11 months due to a 6 day flu that made him dehydrated! It's interesting to compare the stats with them as they grow each year!
Well that's about all for Maeci...we are headed to get her one year shots today...not fun! She never has had a problem after with being fussy(although already today she is kindof a bear) after shots so hopefully that continues!

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