Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Here's the latest in the Stevens household.......
We took a long weekend (5 days) and headed to Chicago to attend my sister's college graduation. We had a great time with Brandi, Jeff, and Stac. We did alot of sight seeing and shopping! The kids did wonderful except when they were overtired they got a little crabby! It was also nice to be there to celebrate my sister's graduation. Sounds like now there is more schooling in her future! Overall it was a great vacation and we can't wait to go again! Next time Brad and I are thinking of going for a long weekend without kids and flying out. Instead of 8 hours to get there driving it would be only 1 1/2 flying.

Oz graduation-
Last weekend was Oz's graduation from high school. I left to go home on the Thursday before to start decorating and get everything ready. It was alot of work but I am glad everything turned out great! It took a couple of long months to get everything ready and organized. Now he will be attending BV in Storm Lake and will also be playing football and baseball. So excited that I will be just under an hour away from there so hopefully we will be able to go to some of his games!

He has officially graduated from preschool and now he is ready for Kindergarten! Makes me sad that he is growing up way to fast and will be starting school in the fall. Now that school is over he is a busy little boy with baseball practice for the month of May and then games start in June. When I was in T-ball we never traveled to play anywhere we just played against each other. (once we got a little older we traveled but not this young) Camden's team actually travels to play games! He is also excited that the weather seems to be getting nicer so most of the time when we are home he is outside playing!

Holy cow she is almost 1. I can't believe it!! Seems like just yesterday we were driving to Sioux City to have her. Where does the time go? She is a busy little girl and into everything. She has a mind of her own! She has developed a little attitude already which is interesting somedays. If she don't get her way she gets ticked off! She is doing great though and is still my little chunky monkey!!:) Oh yeah and she is going through this stage that I HATE....separation from mommy! She is a mommy's girl and somedays I can't walk two steps from her or she will start crying! Hope this passes soon. Right now we are transistioning from formula to milk and so far so good. She has had such terrible tummy problems and still has some reflux so I am hoping once we get her fully on milk she will be able to tolerate it. Then come June will be a test when we take her off her reflux medicine. I am hoping she will outgrow this and she will be able to handle being off the med.
Well that's about it for us, hope everyone has a great week!

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Aaron or Jamie said...

They travel around here for Little League too! I think it's crazy and I don't really get it!