Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July weekend

Twins's funny the way he is posing for this picture
Camden and the Hooters girls

Nickelodeon Universe



We headed out on a small family vacation to the cities last Friday. It was a fun weekend but we were all very tired and ready to be home last night. Here is how our weekend went....

Friday-We headed out Friday morning early and made a stop at the outlet mall in Medford. I found alot of good sales and got a good start for the kids for winter! After shopping for awhile we headed to the zoo. Camden was excited because he loves animals and could not wait to get there. The weather was great and we all enjoyed the zoo. After the zoo we headed to our hotel to hang out and go swimming. After swimming we relaxed and called it a night!

Saturday-We headed out Saturday morning to spend the day at the Mega Mall. First we hit up the Nickelodeon Universe. This place is so fun for kids. We will for sure be going back there. Camden enjoyed riding the rides, playing in the arcade, and shopping at the Nickelodeon store. I didn't know if he would ride the rides or not but he did and made his dad ride with him:) Brad also enjoyed some of the big roller coasters.There were some rides there I would never get on. After Nickelodeon Universe we went to Lego Land. My kid LOVES legos, so of course he enjoyed playing there. After Camden enjoyed his fun we did some more shopping and again I found some great sales. After a long day of fun and shopping we headed back to the hotel for supper and bedtime..we were all very tired!

Sunday-We enjoyed the afternoon watching the Twins come away with a win! Camden had a goodtime but did get restless towards the end. He was so excited to go and he wanted Joe Mauer to come and give him a high five. He loves Joe Mauer! Overall the kids did pretty well and we had a good/busy weekend!

One last thing...When we were at the Mega Mall we decided to go into Hooters and have a drink. Ever since Camden was in the Hooters in Green Bay, he loves going there!(Just like his dad) He had his picture taken with the Hooters girls. Later that night we asked him what his favorite part of the day was and we thought he would say Nickelodeon Universe or Lego Land. Nope, he said his favorite was going to Hooters...GEEZ!!!

Anyways here are a few photos and I will post the other ones on facebook!


Aaron or Jamie said...

OMG! I can't believe you let your kid go to HOOTERS! :)

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Brooke Stevens said...

yeah it's all his dad...HA!