Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dentist Appointment

It is that time of year for all of Camden's checkup's before school starts. Last week he had a dentist appointment. Dentist polished his teeth and checked for cavities...no cavaties....YAY!! I did have some questions for the dentist after we had finished the checkup. Camden has lost 5 teeth (top two front, bottom two front and a side one) and only one has grown back in. He lost his bottom two front teeth last November and they have not come through yet. The dentist said some teeth can take up to a year to come in but most of the time it only takes a couple months. He decided to do xrays to see what was up. The xrays looked good and he could see the bottom front permanent teeth trying to come up. He said Camden's mouth is very small for all his teeth (I had the same problem when I was a kid, should of had braces) and the space is so small for his premanent teeth to come through right now. If they do come through they are probably going to be crooked or some pushed back or ahead. I don't care what they look like as long as the darn things come through! Dentist also said he will probably be a good candidate for braces when he gets older! So anyways if these teeth do not come through we will be heading to an orthodontist to check them out. Since the other baby teeth he has not lost are sort of blocking the permanent teeth trying to come in there is a possibility we will have to start pulling some of his baby teeth....yeah doesn't sound fun! Also sometimes they will try and cut the gums to see if the teeth will come up. I don't like the dentist myself and he is starting to hate the dentist after hearing that! Pulling teeth and cutting gums...who would actually like the dentist after that?!?
He also has 4 more of his molars (not sure what they are called but they are the ones kids get in between the ages of 6-7) coming through and they are pushing his teeth to make even less room. So yeah this is not a major thing because it can be fixed but wasn't expecting to hear what he told me. I actually did notice a couple days ago a little white coming through the bottom gums....hopefully they both will just come through and we won't have to deal with the orthodontist!

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