Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Little Miss Maeci

My precious little daughter is going to give me gray hair sooner that I would like! She is going through the terrible two's early...or I guess I think that's what it is! I also think she is going through a seperation from mommy stage. Gosh I am sooooo glad I never really had this with Camden!! It's funny too because she really only acts like this when I am home or around. She does wonderful when Brad is home with her and is very good at daycare! The minute I get home from work/pick her up from daycare she is attached to my leg and crabby!! I walk in the door at home and she gives me an awful look and hits the closest thing to her. I was talking to my friend about this and her son did this when she picked him up from daycare. She told me it means it's a sign that she missed me. When I switched jobs and went back to work full time she actually adjusted very well. So now I am not really understanding why she is doing this. I know it's just a stage but it drives me crazy! I thought maybe she wasn't feeling good or she was in pain. She doesn't have a cold, her ears were just checked last week (which they look great and the tubes are actually still in..which I thought they were coming out) so I would say she is just being a little stinker! The ENT did say that her tonsils are huge and she will def need those out eventually. She doesn't wake at night but she is sure a restless sleeper. That is probably being caused from her mouth breathing which can be caused by large tonsils. He said if we have to put tubes in again he would take the tonsils out. Normally he don't do it til they are 3 or older but he said she is a big girl and she would do just fine! I am hoping we can hold off at least til she is over 2 years old. When Camden had his tonsils and adenoids out at 3 it helped ALOT!! I swear it's always something with my kids. I think they pick up every bug that goes around the daycare or at school!! Oh well it will get better and I know I am not the only one that has sick kiddos all the time! I look back to when I was a younger and would get sick. They didn't do half the procedures they do now with kids.
Maeci is also going through a stage of hitting. She gets mad she hits. She doesn't hit at daycare but at home she does. She even has tried to bite her brother twice! Oh gosh I really hope she doesn't start doing that all the time. I remember working in daycares and dealing with kids that would bite. Some kids just go through the biting stage but I am really hoping it doesn't get worse! I just have to keep telling myself this will all pass and it's just a stage they go through!!

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