Friday, November 6, 2009

Last weekend was a busy, busy weekend! Friday afternoon we went to Sioux City to Maeci's peds appointment. Her ears have cleared up from ear infection which is a good sign! We also are going to continue her allergy medicine as long as it's helping a little. After the doctor we went to the mall and a few other store's to do some shopping.I was in need of some new clothes and the kids were too. After shopping we headed home in time for me to have a girls night out! It was so much fun sitting around chatting, laughing, and having a few drinks. Saturday morning we had the kids pictures taken. Boy that was interesting! Maeci was so crabby she would NOT smile for anything...she is always full of smiles!!! We got maybe one or two decent pics of her but none with her smiling.Oh well she wiill have pics done again in a couple months. We also took pictures of the kids together for Christmas cards and that didn't go so well either. Camden would smile and Maeci would either cry or be looking away! We maybe got a picture of both of them looking at the camera but not smiling! So that was interesting! Saturday afternoon we all took naps before going ot trick-or-treating. Camden of course loved going house to house and getting candy! Maeci made it to a couple houses and then slept the rest of the time! After trick-or-treating we went to the Bahrenfuss's for a party. We all had a good time and were very tired by the end of the night! Sunday we just hung out around the house and watched football. This weekend we are not doing much. I am thinking we need a quiet weekend. Brad has to work all weekend so he won't be home much!

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